Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 30

Holy Shit!!!

I know. I'm surprised to find myself here too. Why, you might ask, would I randomly post a blog after not posting any in oh... 6 months or so???

Could it be the creeping pain in my (now, right) hip that's giving me night sweats and sending me back to my doctor this Wednesday morning? ...maybe.

Could it be the absence of a forum on which I can daily post my irritation with the human race and my enthusiasm for all things baked, cheesy, chocolatey and delicious? ...perhaps.

Could it be one or all of these things which I may or may not have consumed recently (AKA: within the past week)?

...ooooh...yeah.... miiiiiiiiiiiiight've been that.

Add to that one or two about a dozen artisan cannoli, some cookies, a piece or two of magnolia cake, some kick ass homemade tortellini, wings, pizza, various spirits...

the list goes on. And on.

SO. Moving forward, I looked at my calender to discover that there are a meager 30 DAYS until Christmas. WTF??!?!!! When the hell did that happen?? Regardless, I have decided to take these precious 30 days to recover from my current state of indulgence so that I can arrive home on Christmas to once again, indulge.

And so the journey begins. I will share with you my perils, my yearnings, my aching hips and various injuries, and my delicious--albeit angelically healthy--meals.


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