Friday, May 4, 2012

Girls, where you at???

Happy Friday everyone!

So I just finished watching "Being Elmo", the documentary about Kevin Clash who plays Elmo on Sesame Street. And I have to say...everyone was right. GREAT movie. Watch it. I actually forgot I was watching a documentary when I nearly started crying at the end. Then I realized I was at work and people were looking at me oddly as I sat at the reception desk with one ear bud held in place (we're only aloud to wear ear buds and have one in so as to look "attentive" and "ready"--for what, I'm not sure. Will I need to leap into battle at a moments notice? I answer the phone and transfer calls and I would say it's within my realm of capabilities to remove an ear bud in a prompt fashion, though I can see how it may be a time consuming task...I know the say "man the desk" and "field calls" but really, this is a pretty low-action position--and I apparently have ears shaped differently than every other human being on the face of the planet who is able to use those handy dandy little ear buds which WILL NOT stay in my ears so I am forced to keep it their manually) nearly crying while doing...nothing, and I pulled myself together. Point being, it's a good movie.

Today officially marks one week that I have been on crutches, and I will say that my hip is in significantly less pain today than it has been. I'm hoping it's an indication of fast healing because with the weather starting to warm up, I'm feeling the itch to get moving. It's been pretty difficult this week dealing with moving around this way. I find that I get exhausted so quickly that I really can't do a lot of non-essential movement. And by the time 6pm rolls around and I leave work, I'm pretty much done for the day. The idea of going somewhere else and then having to rouse the energy to get home after whatever it is I attend is rather daunting. But now that I'm getting stronger I can feel my energy returning and I'm not sure whether that's good or bad. I get a very strange feeling when I swing home at night like I've been wearing a costume all day or that somehow this is something I'm "putting on" for a show and I just wish I could take it off and run free, so to speak. I know it's a long way off, but I really can't wait to get back to moving around normally.

And on the topic of crutching, I started to notice a trend today as I was doing some things around the city. I counted 6 times (6 times!!! A point for humanity!!!) I was offered help within only an hour of traveling on the subway (probably because I look so pathetic limping my way down the subway stairs) but I couldn't help but also noticed that each time it was from a man. When I took a moment to reflect on the past week, I realized every time I've been offered help since getting my crutches it has been from a man. Initially, you might say "Well Michele, that's because men are stronger and more able to help you, obviously!". First of all, I take that as an insult to the female gender. I can think of plenty of women who could probably carry me all over the city without an issue (ok that's not entirely true but I'm just saying, women are strong, dude). But more than that, assuming you know what I look like (4'10"--yes. really.-- a little over a hundred pounds, little white girl with crutches) does that seem like an impossible load to support, as a woman? It's not like I'm a linebacker. And it's not like you have to throw me over your shoulders and jog up the stairs. We're talking about holding my crutches and allowing me to lean on your forearm. So why have no women offered to do this? I must say, I'm disappointed, girls. I expected better from you.

Moving on, I think I need to address a new problem. The inner obese person in me has developed a love for pinterest, the site from which I included a link featuring my rainy day food craving. I have developed a daily habit of browsing the hundreds of food images and creating what you might describe as a binge wish list. If I could eat anything in the world and never die of diabetes or a heart attack, these would be my best friends. I engage in a virtual feast daily, gorging myself on entire pans of cheesy, meaty lasagna, and rich, decadent  chocolate cookie dough oreo cheesecakes (I'm not even sure that exists but I bet I could find a picture somewhere on there...better start looking...). Why do I do this to myself??? In a way, I get some sort of satisfaction from looking (ok, ogling, drooling over) at the pictures. It reminds me of a game I like to play with vending machines. I thoroughly examine all the products within the machine and choose my select favorite items. I then mentally place them in the order in which I would most like to consume them (say, salted peanuts app, cheez-its main course, snickers bar dessert! But let's be real, who stops at 3??) and then I take a moment to really relish in how awesome it would be to consume all (12?) of those items right then. And in a way, I feel like the food and I have come together on another level and I have been satisfied. I mean not really, I probably go home and eat half a jar of almond butter but hey, that's better than eating 3 bags of peanuts, cheez-its, a cheese danish, a snickers, and a take 5, right? Exactly!! Whatever the reason for my daily virtual pinterest binge, it's a habit that I will happily continue. And I will now include an image from today's top picks!

It's the closest thing I could find to my earlier description.
Happy weekend!!!

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